Current Projects


The GBWD is currently in the process of developing a lead service line inventory for every customer connection in the district. This annual inventory is requried by the EPA and the State of Washington Dept. of Health. The initial first inventory is due in October of this year. This new requirement will cost the GBWD time and money which we can ill afford. Your HELP will be greatly appreciated. A questionarie will be sent out soon for you to answer questions about what you know about your private water service line from the GBWD apparatus connection to your home. Your prompt responses will be much appreciated. 


To save on mailing, printing, and labor costs right now you can email your information to at any time. If you know what type of material your private service line is from the GBWD meter to your house then please send that information along with your service address and contact information to the email provided. Common materials are copper, galvanized steel, hard pvc, and flexible poly pipe. Lead pipe has been outlawed for some time but it is possible that some older homes may have lead service lines. 

Thank you very much for your help with this project.